Download: Mixtape: Electronic Pop Highlights from Bay Area Artists (Podcast #415)

There’s an electronic pop renaissance underway in the Bay Area, with Giraffage, Tycho, and Cathedrals leading a wealth of talented local artists making synthesizer-driven pop music that is both melodic and richly atmospheric.

This mixtape collects new and recent music from eleven Bay Area electronic pop acts, all of whom employ synths that amplify the emotive quality of their works. As a result, big, anthemic songs, like the ones included from New Spell, Museums, and vverevvolf, feel even more massive and powerful. By contrast, electronics help make the more introspective works of Cold Beat, Ah Mer Ah Su, and Saturn Rising even more intimate and evocative. To be sure, these songs are all incredibly catchy, but, through skilled sonic crafting, they brim with emotion.

Listen to the mixtape to learn more about all eleven artists.

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Track Listing

SUMif – “Everything”

Ah Mer Ah Su – “Klonopin”

Niteppl – “High With You”

Museums – “Lucy”

Cold Beat – “In Motion”

Saturn Rising – “Blown” (feat. Bobbi Rohs)

New Spell – “Rain”

NRVS LVRS – “Castling”

Manila Killa ft. Satica – “Youth” (Qrion remix)

Maya Songbird – “Wicked Attraction”

vverevvolf – “Cruel Games”