It has been almost five years since TNGHT — duo-producers Lunice and Hudson Mohawke — declared their hiatus from their otherworldly trap beats that shook down clubs and venues. Since that time, Hudson has gone on to work with Kanye West; Lunice, on the other hand, has chosen to remain in shadow.

At least, until this year. Lunice has re-emerged with his debut album CCCLX, which he calls a theatrical feat inspired by the opera Madame Butterfly and structured similarly so, complete with curtain calls, costume changes, and fade-outs. Designed for large venues, Lunice hones in on high-octane, machine-gun trap productions that’s at times moody and exquisite. In previous interviews, CCCLX is meant to complement a visual experience, and if Lunice’s video for “Tha Doorz” is any inkling for what his latest live performance entails, show attendees may be in for an interesting delve into what Lunice has been hiding up his sleeves these last few years.

Lunice, Branchez
1015 Folsom
October 12, 2017
8pm, $19.50 (18+)