Three different nights, three different venues, and three different lineups, but they’re all worth it. Sea Witch Productions has been ensuring perfect lineups for a while, and now they’re ensuring the perfect festival lineup that continues tonight.

Tonight at Brick & Mortar Music Hall they got Wax Idols who are not a band to avoid or pretend you’re too cool for. They have not only created music and a presence that is powerful, time defying, and unavoidable, but they also live that way and every bit of news I’ve ever read about them has only proved that point. Full bill is Wax Idols, Down and Outlaws, HUMID, and DJ Corey Duffel. The first two nights both have video projections by White Light Prism.

The festival ends with a blast on Saturday, September 30th at Slims with a band I’ll forever be a luzer for, though their shows tend to put a spell on men, making them bigger idiots who pee on strangers in the crowd. La Luz from Seattle continuously bring a crazy show and each time they hit they Bay Area you see how shocked they themselves are by how crazy the crowd has become. Really not something to miss, but I’d suggest waiting at the side if you’re faint of heart. Kera and the Lesbians from LA stole my heart a couple years ago and they still have it. Full bill also includes, Flaural from Denver and Bronzer with visual by Mad Alchemy.

Sea Witch fest ensures a beautiful and memorable lineup, and you should try to at least catch one day.