The tension is high at the start of Just Rese‘s music video for his latest single, “Groov,” but the air soon turns funky as the rhythm (and whatever blurred-out substance the subjects consume) kicks in. The Wax Roof-produced track is a concoction of warbling guitar licks and woozy synth chords, backed with a dance floor-friendly beat to nicely couch the Oakland artist’s rap-and-sing switch-off throughout the song. The video is directed by Amira Hadiya and styled by Phlemuns, a designer and stylist who works closely with Solange.

As we mentioned when we first debuted, the song implies the dance floor is sacred, but lets it be known that dance floors aren’t strictly reserved for the indoors. The video’s protagonists take their groove to the grassy plains they trek through on their road trip, perhaps a metaphor for the new, explorative way Just Rese plans to take his music on his upcoming EP, HIPS.