It’s hard to say “my favorite band off the label Father/Daughter Records is coming to town” because:

  1. A lot of my favorite bands off Father/Daughter Records are always in town. The Bay Area is their home and for some it’s the only home they know. San Francisco is where most of them live. Many of them only left town when they went on vacation or toured.
  2. I don’t have a least favorite Father/Daughter band, one of the reasons I love this label so much is because they keep releasing music by my favorites. I wrote about how SOAR was one of my favorite local bands before they even were a Father/Daughter band (listen to Dark/Gold). There are Father/Daughter bands that I am less obsessed with, but that is the limit.
  3. I lightly feel like a fangran for Father/Daughter Records.

But Vagabon and Nnamdi Ogbonnaya are not local; they are both from places more east, but they are also both Father/Daughter bands. Vagabon, from NYC, created my favorite album of the year. I said that when it was released and I am still saying that. I will not stop saying that Vagabon’s Infinite Worlds is my favorite album of 2017. Infinite Worlds is also such a water sign album. “The Embers” is the water sign theme song. It is my theme song. It still gives me chills and makes me want to do good in the world even when I am terrified of everything, and lately my normal mood is terrified of everything. Last time I saw Vagabon live I and everyone around me were left in awe and I expect to be placed back into those feelings on Thursday, September 28 at Swedish American Hall. 

Nnamdi Ogbonnaya, from Chicago, is a different type of excellence, one of with a hectic, clever and an unavoidable energy. While Vagabon leaves you in awe, Ogbonnaya leaves you in a smile because each beat is so well placed and each lyric is so catchy, the only way you don’t like it is if you’ve never heard it. Or maybe if you’re a horrible person…sorry. He also released one of my favorite albums of the year the day after my birthday, DROOL via Father/Daughter Records.

To enter for a chance to win tickets to see Vagabon at Swedish American Hall on September 28, email with “Vagabon” in the subject line and your full name in the body of the email. A winner will be selected at random and notified via email.

Vagabon, Nnamdi Ogbonnaya
Swedish American HallSeptember 28, 2017
$14, 7pm