Friends of Tricycle Records 7
Tricycle Records has done a lot for the Bay Area over the last 11 years. They’ve established themselves as a pillar of the local record industry, and have given a platform to several Bay Area bands that have gone on to be beloved by the local scene: Everyone is Dirty, Geographer, and the Hot Toddies, to name a few.

Once again, they’re giving back by offering local bands the chance to submit their work to the Friends of Tricycle Records compilation series, a yearly record that showcases the best in fresh Bay Area music. Past installations have included local artists that are gone, but not forgotten, and some that are still kicking: Loquat, Le Vice, James & Evander, the Tambo Rays, Swiftumz, and Growwler are a few of the familiar names that show up in past track listings. Friends of Tricycle Records comps are strictly fourteen tracks long and always free. Past ones can be found as free downloads through the online Tricycle shop.

If you’re an interested party, send your info by November 1 to their submissions age. If you a party interested in downloading 2017’s, keep an eye on the shop page.