Given the difficulty of getting a group of people together and developing a shared musical vision — through all the outside commitments and creative spats and empty shows — most bands are lucky to see their fifth birthday. The Front Bottoms have recently celebrated their 10h.

The Front Bottoms got their start as an acoustic punk band from the Eastern seaboard — not an uncommon phenomenon in the mid-aughts. But over time, they’ve evolved from a couple of New Jersey friends self-releasing EPs on cassette to a contract with Bar/None and, in 2013, a highly regarded album, Talon Of The Hawk.

Singer Brian Sella’s vocals carry the particular nasal affectation often employed by the kind of bands that can lay claim to the genres of punk, emo, and indie rock simultaneously. Sella leans heavily into high-school-era slights and sweeping romantic feelings. There are dashes of Tigers Jaw or American Football, the kind of acts that get a lot of mileage out of ruminating on the era when hormones ruled the world. At times some of The Front Bottoms’s beats, courtesy of founding drummer Matthew Uychich, become downright danceable, as in “Flashlight,” though the lyrics and melody still cling to a heightened sense of nostalgia.

The band has toured with some formidable artists in their field over the years, like Frank Turner and Blink-182. “Raining,” the first single off their upcoming album, Going Grey, hasn’t lost any the wistful romanticism that has marked the last ten years of the band, who are probably going a little grey themselves. Maybe it’s the timelessness of adolescent yearning that’s the secret to their longevity. In any case, The Front Bottoms are hitting the road with Basement and Bad Bad Hats on their way to The Regency Ballroom on November 6.

The Front Bottoms, Basement, Bad Bad Hats
The Regency Ballroom
November 6, 2017
7:30pm, $26.50