Bill Baird

Local musician, experimental artist, and all-around brilliant guy Bill Baird has long been one of our favorites, whether he’s inventing new instruments, creating an album with 11 billion possible versions, or producing hilarious art installations. Well, he’s also a damn fine songwriter, which he showcases on a pair of new albums, Baby Blue Abyss and Easy Machines.

Baird tells me the albums were conceived as morning (Easy Machines) and evening (Baby Blue Abyss) experiences. “One album you play while hitting the town with your friends, the other you play the morning after, head in hands, wondering what in the hell you’re doing with your life,” explains Bill. “The last track of each album is designed to segue, both sonically and emotionally, into the first track of the next record. Like a snake eating its tail, or something.” The two albums definitely hit the vibes Baird was aiming for — Baby Blue Abyss is the more upbeat and loud album, while Easy Machines brings Baird back to his Texan roots with strong country hangover vibes. Bill, who has been receiving a decent amount of attention across the pond, recorded portions of the albums at Abbey Road studios in London, in addition to Austin and his home studio in West Oakland. Give both albums a listen below along with a couple videos to get to know him a little better.

Baird will perform an all-acoustic show at Bazaar Cafe in SF on September 2. He’ll be joined by Burner Herzog, the new solo project of Jasper Leach, and Jeffrey Manson.

Bill Baird, Burner Herzog, Jeffrey Manson
Bazaar Cafe
September 2, 2017