Swirlies_in_1992The Swirlies in 1992

The shoegaze pioneers from Boston are back. Well saying a band from the ’90s that influenced/created a genre that is making a comeback and is going on tour isn’t very rare lately, but there’s a reason for the hype. There’s a reason it’s important to see these bands, even if they’re not the same as they used to be.  So are you. You’re not the same as you used to be, but do you want to live with the regret? Don’t let yourself regret missing the Swirlies, especially if you’re currently in a shoegaze phase and all you do is listen to My Bloody Valentine, maybe it’s time to really dive in.

If the reason you know you can’t go is that you’re broke, well hello hello, this is a giveaway.

The Swirlies, Cruel Summer, Electro Group
The Chapel
August 8, 2017
8pm, $17