New Phone Who Dis -- Mars Today, Kyle Dion, Mikos Da Gawd

San Francisco’s Text Me Records brings back its monthly roster showcase and this month’s edition features a nicely mixed crop of up-and-coming and seasoned R&B acts.

At first glance, Kyle Dion looks like an amalgamation of R&B stars’ best qualities — a retrofitted Frank Ocean (at certain angles) and gifted with a Gallant-esque falsetto. But there’s an air of tenderness seeping through Kyle Dion that shines brightly in his music – songs such as “Cool Side of the Pillow” and “Hold on to Me” are vulnerable tracks in word and sound. His project, Painting Sounds, however, offers a more lively, dancey Kyle Dion that proves his versatility as an artist and a singer.

A seasoned producer who’s lent his sound to the greater population of Bay Area’s artists, Mars Today celebrates the release of his own record, “Bits & Pieces” at New Phone Who Dis? The record was written and produced for summertime’s finest, and his prowess as a singer/songwriter places him centers tage of his signature smooth-yet-funky soul-pop.

Mikos Da Gawd has his fingerprints all over the recent hip-hop and R&B coming out the Bay Area. Rising stars such as Rayana Jay, P-Lo, Elujay, Caleborate and even others outside of Northern California have come to the self-proclaimed “Lil’ Dad” for his intricate, head nod-inducing instrumentals.

Berkeley newcomer Social Work is just scratching the surface, but his latest track, “Underweight,” is a promising preview of how he seamlessly blends elements of funk, island music, and even ska into refreshing soul.

New Phone Who Dis featuring Kyle Dion, Mars Today, Mikos Da Gawd, Social Work
Swedish American Hall
August 10, 2017
8pm, $10 (21+)