Just Rese

Churches, temples, synagogues — houses of worship are revered as places of peace, of finding solace or comfort with a higher being. Dance floors, on the other hand, are sacred spaces of another kind. They’re a platform to channel energies, release inhibitions (sober or otherwise) and in Just Rese‘s case, connect with somebody on a sonic level.

In his latest track, “Groov,” the Oakland rapper croons, “don’t think about it too much.” He’s lost his phone, apprehension on high, but the antidote might be the perfect dance partner he’s found in that same moment, so the song says, “I might be sober, but you’re my drug.”

The song, produced by Wax Roof, is the first single from Rese’s upcoming EP, HIPS, and drives Rese to a new musical direction under a new name. Previously known as TyreseJohnsonMusic, the performer tells his story and experiences over lush productions inspired by the funky stylings of Bay Area culture. Earlier loosies, “Fluffy Pink Lights” (produced by Jamal Jellyfish) and “This Time” (also produced by Wax Roof and featuring singer Christian JaLon), venture to new musical territories, the 808s and deep soulful grooves just teasers of the soundscapes he wants to explore. With a fresh moniker comes a fresh perspective and Just Rese wants to take his listeners along for the ride.