MBL missed you! How have you been?

I haven’t had much to say since FRONDS released it’s tremendous debut recording in 2013. After the premature demise of Bay Area Superheroes the Mallard, FRONDS was the natural life raft to carry us through those challenging times. Now in our most difficult days FRoOdS return to provide some much-needed calm in this rocky sea of Amerikkkan chaos. Dylan Tidyman-Jones recorded these sounds home alone in 2015 and the final product is outstanding. There are strong ENO sensations.

Find a quiet place and check out the new digs. The new record, Cold Across My Skin will be available July 28 on Gold Robot Records. There will be an SF release party at the Make Out Room July 31 with Grace Sings Sludge and an East Bay release party at the Octopus Literary Salon on First Friday, August 4 with Danielle Salomon.

Throw away your Zoloft. Turn on to FRONDS.

FRONDS, Grace Sings Sludge
Make Out Room
July 31, 2017
7:30pm, $10

FRONDS, Danielle Salomon
Octopus Literary Salon
August 4, 2017
8pm, $5