madeline kenney

Download: Mixtape: Big Sounds from Bay Area Solo Artists (Podcast #411)

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We cover a lot of bands and other collaborative efforts on our podcast, but the Bay Area music scene is also full of extremely talented solo artists, who build unique musical works that are often performed, recorded, and produced solely by the artists themselves. 

This mixtape collects new and recent music from ten amazing Bay Area solo artists. Whether recording in solitude, like Fronds and Spellling, or with the support of talented peers, as was the case for James Riotto and Tanukichan, the performers included here have crafted rock and pop music that, unsurprisingly, feels distinctly personal. That feeling manifests in a number of ways throughout the mix; for the music of Grace Sings Sludge and Fletcher Tucker, in fact, the atmosphere can be downright haunting.

Listen to the mixtape to learn more about all ten artists.

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Track Listing

Fronds – “Pacific”

Spellling – “Walk Up To Your House”

Max Gardener – “Sudden Love”

James Riotto – “Mineral King”

Madeline Kenney – “Rita”

Gentle Spirit – “We Finish Where We Start”

Grace Sings Sludge – “In Spite Of Doom”

Fletcher Tucker – “Descend”

Tanukichan – “Enough”

Actual Wolf – “Faded Days”