underweight social work

Last week saw the release of “Underweight,” the latest single from local Bay Area producer Social Work, or the other Will Butler. The track is Butler’s third release since 2015 and first with San Francisco’s Text Me Records. The track also doubles as the vocal debut of dreamqueen, the chosen moniker for Toro y Moi percussionist Brijean Murphy.

Not one to get cozy in a single genre, Butler opens “Underweight” with a reggae-tinted organ splashing around a reverb-drenched snare drum. Despite the island overtones, the track is unequivocally laid out with an R&B and soul blueprint. The track crawls by in just over four minutes, but listening to it captures the feel of trying to run underwater, or slicing through the high humidity of a summer day. We could play this on repeat for days. Check it out below: