Crystal Castles

Though they just entered their second decade as a band, Crystal Castles are forging ahead into a new era of music.

In music, 11 years is a career juncture that usually sees bands parting ways, either out of creative exhaustion, physical exhaustion, or personal spite. Instead, Crystal Castles have just made a few minor adjustments to keep things fresh. Founded in 2006, Crystal Castles work primarily in electronica. But don’t expect untz-untz-untz beats (though there’s certainly some of that) — the Canadian vanguards of electronic music regularly push the envelope of how machines and melody mesh, and do it all through a dark, metallic filter.

On record, they fill tracks with crashing, disorienting sounds — distant, hazy vocals layered over an explosion of man-made noises shaped into something like a melody. Live, they’re known the world over for blistering performances. Their most recent record, Amnesty (I), pulls from past trends, leaning heavily on the grinding throb of the ’90s industrial scene and slipping, off-key digital noises that sound like they were made by old material. It also is the first of theirs to feature new singer Edith Frances, who replaced founding member Alice Glass amid minor controversy.

In 2017, they’ve taken the summer to make the festival and international circuit, then coming back to North American this fall for a date with San Francisco in October. They’re playing the Warfield, but it remains to be seen if the place can contain their energy. Tickets go on sale this Thursday — link to the sale page is below.

Crystal Castles
The Warfield
October 26, 2017
8pm, $30 (18+)