Kacey Johansing Meernaa James Riotto flyer

A few interconnected musicians are celebrating new releases tomorrow night at Rickshaw Stop, and you should get excited!

Headlining the night is Kacey Johansing, who’s releasing her first post-Yesway solo album The Hiding. The Hiding was largely recorded in spiritual cousins West Marin and Big Sur, and it feels like it. It’s a highlight record for me this year and it should be purchased while you listen below.

Meernaa has steadily been releasing one-off singles over the past few years, with a sound defined by Carly Bond’s strong vocals, surprising rhythms, and Rob Shelton’s synth wizardry. (Rob has also performed with Johansing in the past). Their new single, “Marrow” is a step in a louder and more haunting new direction for Meernaa, and that’s a good thing. It just went public today, so give it one of the first spins below.

Kicking off the night is James Riotto, who also engineers at Tiny Telephone with Carly Bond. He released his second solo EP, Mineral King, back in May. It’s experimental and jazz-influenced and a great sonic experience.

Kacey Johansing, Meernaa, James Riotto
Rickshaw Stop
July 20, 2017
8pm, $10