Jordan Rakei SF Debut

Jordan Rakei is a jack-of-all-trades, but he’s widely recognized as a master of a sun-flecked brand of soul that has been emerging from across the pond: Think Britain’s Tom Misch, Jamie Woon, NAO; Paris’ FKJ, and Australia’s Sex on Toast. Rakei’s multitude of musical abilities — he songwrites, sings and plays nearly every instrument on his records — first caught the eyes and ears of his fans with his 2013 six-track EP, Franklin’s Room. Songs such as “My Time” and “Selfish” inflected hints of jazz and reggae with his bright, lazy-Sunday soul, whereas his 2016 full-length record, Cloak, begins to venture into new sonic territories experimenting in a more down-tempo vibe. For his latest single “Sorceress,” Rakei explores new vibes once again, adding more washes to his drums and detail between the melodies.

Jordan Rakei, DJ Aaron Axelsen
Rickshaw Stop
September 22, 2017
9pm, $14 (18+)