Jay Stone

Oakland’s Jay Stone has long been our radar for his contributions to the film Morris in America, his stellar collaboration with LA producer Monster Rally, and his early solo work. He’s back at it with a new full length on the way, Calibration Of An Altered Mind, and we couldn’t be happier to share you the first single from the album, “Flying Monkeys”.

On “Flying Monkeys”, Jay warns listeners that “Flying Monkeys don’t negotiate, they just paper chase and player hate”. In the verses, he quickly ruminates on subjects ranging from Dennis Rodman and Madonna to junior high nostalgias to social problems in America with a flow that is sharply rhythmic yet effortlessly smooth at the same time. Producer Micah Aza‘s beat has the up-front drum track and sample you’d expect from classic hip-hop beat, but somehow gives off subtle, more modern cloud rap vibes in the process. All in all, it’s a solid intro to the next chapter in Jay Stone’s career. Give “Flying Monkeys” a listen below, and catch Jay Stone performing live July 5 at Milk Bar for an edition of “Milk Was a Bad Choice” with LA artists Zack Villere and Mulherin and San Jose’s Try the Pie.

Jay Stone, Zack Villere, Mulherin, Try the Pie
Milk Bar
July 5, 2017
9pm, $5 (Free with RSVP)