Nite Jewel

On July 7, Rickshaw Stop turns back the clock a couple decades with a bill featuring the minimal, cool electro-pop of Nite Jewel, synth-driven compositions and visual performances of Geneva Jacuzzi and the Prince-reincarnate romantic funk of Harriet Brown.

As part of San Francisco’s Popscene series, this trio of Los Angeles artists each bring their own innovative takes on electronic, R&B, disco and funk, often melding the lines between genres. Nite Jewel, who is singer-songwriter Ramona Gonzalez, recorded her first record “Good Enough” on a portable eight-track recorder in 2009. Since then, her ambient, yet glittery music, especially her latest record Real High, treads sounds reminiscent of Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson and late-’80s Debbie Deb.

Geneva Jacuzzi is renowned for her full-circle performance of synth-pop, theatrical performances and analog video art. Her shows are emotional, intense and aggressive; Her show tells the story of a lost self in light of trauma and coping with that tragedy. Conversely, Harriet Brown’s latest record “Obsession” generates a reverb that is sensual, yet funkdafied , backed by synthesizers, drum machines and guitars; Paradise found in outer space.

Nite Jewel, Geneva Jacuzzi, Harriet Brown
Rickshaw Stop
July 7, 2017
9pm, $15