Fugazi is the preeminent hardcore band of the late ‘80s. Originating in the raw, prolific creativity of the Washington D.C. punk scene, the band is the brainchild of Minor Threat founder and scene legend Ian MacKaye and Guy Picciotto of Rites of Spring. They created a project that spearheaded the DIY ethos while spawning the genre of post-hardcore, and along with luminaries like Steve Albini and David Grubbs, we largely have them to thank for everything from math rock to art punk. It’s not surprising that artists today would want to honor such an influential predecessor.

Twenty-one modern bands have done so in the form of a new compilation. Everybody Wants Somewhere is a collection of covers by artists of multiple genres performing renditions and interpretations of timeless Fugazi tracks, including “Waiting Room” (covered by Vast Wild), “Merchandise” (Warsaw), and “The Argument” (Ryan Michael Keller). The styles span everything from hardcore and post-punk to electronica to atmospheric indie, showcasing creative reimaginings while letting Fugazi’s formidable songcraft shine through. Available now for pre-order on Oakland’s Sell The Heart Records, the release will include 13 tracks on the LP, plus an extra 8 available via digital download. The comp features several Bay Area-based artists, including Lynne Angel, Gnarboots, Great Apes, and more.

Not only does Everybody Wants Somewhere pay tribute to the legendary outfit, it’s also a way to give back to the city. All proceeds will be donated to Taking It To The Streets, a nonprofit that provides job training, mentoring, housing, and other services for homeless youth in San Francisco. Pick up a copy of the album and add some excellent music to your collection while contributing to a good cause.