On July 15, San Francisco’s Bottom of the Hill will play host to a number of up-and-coming acts that don’t believe in the confines of genres.

Oklahoma band Sports delivers its ’80s-influenced indie dream-pop grooves, while multi-geographical (New Jersey-born, Florida-raised, Los Angeles-based) singer-songwriter-guitarist Yeek strings together his experimental indie punk rock with hip-hop undertones. Miami music group/band LateNite provides the tunes to keep the dance floor full, with tracks such as their Caribbean-inspired edit of Kali Uchis’s song “Tyrant” and their bouncy original track with Kamari Esson, “I Feels”.

Each act brings a unique sound that is the end-product of several outside influences and years of exploring and discovering what makes their music unique to them. Expect to hear a wide range of audible treats from across the country and across various soundscapes.

Sports, Yeek, LateNite
Bottom of the Hill
July 15, 2017
8:30pm, $12