Good food, good music, and good company. The 2017 Phono del Sol Music and Food Festival has the tunes and grub part covered, you just need to provide the camaraderie. Whatever your flavor, there’s sure to be a truck to meet your festival fuel needs, from Indian street food to cheesesteaks to traditional Jamaican fare.

Phono del Sol Curry Up Now
Business has been booming since Curry Up Now was founded in 2009. With locations all across the Bay Area — San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Palo Alto, and San Mateo — plus four roving food trucks, the Indian street food-inspired fare are a favorite among those seasoned and novice to the cuisine. Classic dishes such as chicken tikka masala, lamb, chana masala, or samosas can come in a variety of forms, whether your favorite food vehicle is burrito, bowl, fries, rolls, combo platter, or naan.

Gaga’s Rollin’ Diner
If you’re looking for no-nonsense, classic grub, Gaga’s Rollin’ Diner doesn’t play with your hunger. Hearty sandwiches are at the top of their menu, including Philly cheesesteaks, French dips, crab sandwiches, or a smoky chicken sandwich on thick Texas toast. For non-sandwich folks, sausage links, nachos, and even a vegan Philly option is up for grabs as well.

Humphry Slocombe
San Francisco’s Humphry Slocombe is about as artisan as ice cream can come. Festival attendees can satisfy their sweet tooth or get a little weird with ice cream flavors such as Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee, Secret Breakfast, Peanut Butter Curry, Avocado Toast, or McEvoy Olive Oil with Rhubarb Jam. Humphry Slocombe does rotate flavors every month, so visit the truck to see what they have in store special for Phono del Sol.

Kabob Trolley
Be your own gyro: Kabob Trolley lets you pick however you want this Mediterranean special, whether your preference is traditional pita, slider, fries, salad, or even cheesesteak. A little extra of anything will cost you a few extra bucks, but if you want a some extra carbs to go with your gyro, ask for a Cali-style Gyritto: half gyro, half burrito with fries stuffed inside.

Linda’s Catering
Linda’s Catering Truck boasts 20 years of Japanese cooking and patrons can find anything to satiate any craving from the coveted cuisine. Offerings include sushi rolls (and burritos!), curry rice, and bento boxes, traditional Japanese appetizers such as takoyaki and even bowls of ramen. Linda’s is never short of options nor high praises for its generous helpings and satisfying food.

Mozzeria food truck

Mozzeria is the name and Neapolitan pizza is the game. The brick-and-mortar pizzeria turned mobile in 2016 to cart its brick-oven fired pizzas all over San Francisco, and to have them at Phono del Sol is a treat for every kind of pizza lover. Each pie features fresh, community-sourced ingredients and runs the gamut from traditional margherita to the cheesy quattro formaggi and savory mushroom with truffle oil.

Scotch Bonnet
Get a taste of the Caribbean with Oakland’s own Scotch Bonnet making an appearance at this year’s Phono del Sol. It’s hard to pass up the homemade traditional Jamaican flavors especially Scotch Bonnet’s flavor-down-to-the-bone jerk chicken or the hearty oxtail dish complete with rice, beans and plantain sides. For faster consumption, check out the jerk chicken (or pork) and curry goat burritos.

Sajj Street Eats
Shawarma this, shawarma that — thanks to booming food truck movement, there’s no wrong way to have your shawarma and eat it too. With five locations and a food truck to boot, Sajj Street Eats has proven they know how to do shawarma right — quick, healthy, and packed with flavor. Whether you have yours in a wrap, burrito, or bowl, Sajj guests bite into a mouthful that includes any combination of arugula, hummus, garlic aioli, tomato and cucumber mix, tumeric rice, sumac onions, and pickles.

Waffle Roost
Satisfy your sweet and savory tooth with any of Waffle Roost’s menu items, whether you want chicken, waffles, or both. The truck’s spin on traditional waffles — think caramel and sea salt, bacon and caramel, or churro — are no match for its fried chicken waffle sandwiches; One includes all your favorite breakfast proteins (chicken, bacon, egg with a honey drizzle) and the other a spice fiend’s dream (chicken, crispy melted cheddar, and serrano peppers).