The Donkeys at The Hemlock Tavern, by Ria Burman
The Donkeys (photo: Ria Burman)

The Donkeys surf-psych-rock and chilled at Hemlock Tavern on Tuesday night with support from Outer Embassy. Offering an abundance of requests to the audience, the band played a lengthy set full of crowd-pleasing well-knowns, while also delivering new tunes to the mix.

Ending their set with an unusually excellent crowd participation component, a drum piece was handed into the audience, sticks were passed, and a drum circle of excellent proportions emerged, interconnecting with the band’s performance. At which point, the energy in the room surged, creating a most positive vibe and an unforgettable night.

If you’ve yet to hear the Donkeys, check out “Lower The Heavens” from their debut 2006 self-titled album, “Down The Line” from their most recent 2016 album Midnight Palms and “Bloodhound” and “West Coast Raga” from their 2011 album Born With Stripes for a little taste of great surf-psych rock and country-chill blues.