I needed to sit down. I got there late because I had just been at Clusterfest all day. I had wanted to finally see Wizard Apprentice live, but I only caught the end. Though the ending of their set was spectacular, almost felt I was like entering while everyone at Rickshaw Stop was watching a sci-fi film, and that just made me want to see them more.

I got to sit down. During Kimya Dawson’s set, the whole crowd sat down, though many of us were not prepared. I knew it was a possibility, but yet I couldn’t find a comfortable place for my legs. I needed to sit down though, so even as I struggled to find a comfortable position on the floor of Rickshaw Stop, I felt my brain slowing down. Before I had sat down, I was anxious, a little manic, and overstimulated from the festival I had been at minutes before. I could feel myself slowing down. I needed myself to slow down.

Kimya Dawson’s music has a way to make a whole crowd slow down, to bring us back into the parts of us we like. Simple, sweet, and not afraid to hit those dark spots you block out to feel happy while still making feel better. Kimya Dawson is the musician I listen to when I need to slow down. The one I sing along to when I don’t want to listen to myself. She has saved me without knowing and has inspired me to go on everyday. This show just reminded me of that. Reminded me of how much I admire her, especially as she sang “Loose Lips” in the style of Jewel. She gave one of my favorite songs a new spin, and just made so much more enjoyable to see live. I came from a comedy fest and was still laughing while I sat on the floor because Kimya Dawson has such a genuine stage presence. She sang her protest song “At The Seams” bringing everyone to silence, and me to tears. I went from anxious banter to laughing to crying to relieved all in one set.