adult mom(photo: Bao Ngo)

As someone who is non-binary and chronically depressed, Adult Mom has really helped me feel not alone. They give me a representation of myself and for people like me, that is rarely given. I could never ignore Adult Mom: they’ve been one of my favorite bands since I first heard “I Make Boys Cry” off their 2014 EP Sometimes Bad Happens.

Adult Mom writes non-binary love songs that everyone can enjoy because they’re just beautifully put together. Even though, if it was just Stephanie Knipe singing, I’d still love their music, but the instrumentals give the listeners a need to go on. They’re poppy and sweet, while encompassing lyrics about the fear of falling in love, heartbreak, and wanting to be accepted. This is more apparent in their latest album Soft Spots.

“And in romantic comedies / Do you project my genderless body / Onto the girl who loves you / For what you were? / What about me? / Will I be seen?

If I was something else would / You let me feel the weight of this pose”
– “Full Screen” by Adult Mom

Soft Spots is about being vulnerable, about not being ashamed of the feelings we were raised to avoid, and about being proud of being soft. It’s about finding love for yourself in the heartbreak.

Adult Mom is coming out to the Bay Area tomorrow, which is something I’ve been waiting on for so long. Finally I get to hear the songs that help me get out of bed in person, while already out of bed.

Adult Mom, Free Cake for Every Creature, SOAR 
Rickshaw Stop SF
June 13, 2017
8pm, $10