B. Lewis Strange Things

Bay Area music coverage tends to hone its focus on San Francisco and Oakland, but the South Bay shouldn’t be undermined, especially when it comes to the beat producer circuit. Enter one B. Lewis, an artist that has been living behind the boards for nearly 10 years as a producer and songwriter. He holds credits with names as big as Chris Brown and Anna Wise, but also rubs shoulders within those in the vast and thriving beat scene; Folks such as Brasstracks, KRANE, Teeko, Mike Gao and Sango, to name a few.

He generalizes his music as “soul electronic hip-hop,” but his latest track “Strange Things” features a more melodic, old soul vibe that is a stark comparison to the lush experimental soundscapes of his previous works. The distortion and effect he adds to his vocals adds texture or an otherwise stripped down production, a nice refreshing piece of music coming out of San Jose.