Rodriguez at The Warfield, by Ria BurmanRodriguez (photo: Ria Burman)

Rodriguez brought his rocking tunes to The Warfield last week, supported by Arum Rae. At 74, Rodriguez sat perched on a stool, strummed great original songs and threw in a few classic covers for good measure. With a contagious, wide smile surfacing through the set, Rodiguez brought banter to the enthusiastic crowd in between good-old-fashioned, rootsy, blues-rock.

If you’ve yet to hear Rodriguez, check out “Sugarman” from the 1970 album Cold Fact, “Sandrevan Lullaby – Lifestyles” and “Climb Up On My Music” from the 1971 album Coming From Reality and “Can’t Get Away” and “Street Boy” from the 1981 album Alive. For a great documentary with a wild story about Rodriguez, check out Searching for Sugarman.