Sacramento’s Pregnant makes electronic pop music that is definitely weird, but also deeply moving and thoughtful. June 30, the Daniel Trudeau fronted outfit is adding to their extensive discography with the release of their full length entitled Duct Tape. Duct Tape will be available via three labels, Madeline Kenney‘s Copper Mouth, Golden Brown out of Portland, and South Carolina’s Plastic Response.

Since Pregnant is semi-local, on a local label, and frequently perform in the Bay, we’re lucky enough to debut their new video for Duct Tape‘s “Wimp”, which was also created by Daniel Trudeau. “The song ‘Wimp’ is about how we deal with romantic monogamous relationships,” explains Trudeau. “It’s hopefully a mantra for anyone who may have thought, ‘How do I leave my partner but retain a friendship?’ or questions like, ‘Ultimately, what is the meaning of this relationship I’m in?'” Musically, “Wimp” initially sounds like it could be a feel-good track from late 90’s pop radio, but it seems to toy with getting a groove without quite finding it. There’s something intriguing about the near-groove and a mood teetering between sadness and optimism that keeps me coming back for repeat listens. I also enjoy the shots of the Ken doll and skinny balloon. Enjoy it yourself:

Pregnant has a pair of San Francisco dates over the next month leading up to the Duct Tape release – June 7 at Milk Bar and June 25 at the Elbo Room. The album will be available via cassette from Golden Brown and as a 7″ single with “Wimp” and “Jar of Clay” from Golden Brown, Copper Mouth, and Plastic Response.

Perhapsy, Pregnant, Pity Party (Copper Mouth Records Showcase)
Milk Bar
June 7, 2017
8pm, FREE ($5 day of show)

Vinyl Williams, Pregnant, Healing Potpourri (presented by Popgang and LMSFN)
Elbo Room
June 25, 2017
8pm, $8-10