Melodic pop outfit Hoops has made it from their hometown of Bloomington, Indiana to San Francisco’s Brick & Mortar Music Hall, where they’ll take the stage on Thursday.

Hoops first attracted attention on YouTube — effectively anonymous and lacking promotional outreach, their tape-saturated and guitar-driven music stood on its own. Their first tapes were quickly picked up by blogs, and their eponymous EP garnered praise from a number of prominent music sites and reviewers.

The recently-released Routines, their first full-length LP, was recorded at Rear House Studios, run by Woods’ Jarvis Taveniere. Routines has a rich and resonant sound, smothered in tape hiss cut through by drum machine and clean, piercing guitars. Prominent basslines form the spine of the tracks while obscured, reverb-drenched vocals swirl between melodic lines, full of regret and longing. The easy comparisons are to DIIV, Beach Fossils, and Real Estate — members of that recently popular tribe that coaxes beachy vibes from complicated interlocking guitar lines. Hoops has a sound of their own, though, that sets them apart. Something in their nuanced performances, intricate compositions, and plaintive lyrics makes their music uniquely affecting.

Parts is also a Midwestern creation, hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Alyssa Midcalf and Marley Ferguson craft pounding synth-pop rhythms that are awash in keys and gorgeous vocals. Their work evinces a clear love of the 80s and the darkness that can be conjured from electronic sound. With only three released tracks, they’re in their nascent stages as a band, but their ethereal and captivating material is a strong sign of things to come.

Two fantastic bands with plural noun names and complementary sounds: It’s worth stopping by Brick & Mortar this Thursday.

Hoops, Parts
Brick & Mortar Music Hall
May 25, 2017
9pm, $12