kid trails silk

Patrick Jeffords of Kid Trails and Chris Prudhomme have been collaborating since Jeffords toured on bass with Prudhomme’s Painted Palms, and the two always had a mutual respect for each others’ songwriting. Prudhomme has moved on to New Orleans, but he had the idea of reconnecting with Jefford’s for a split EP cassette with Kid Trails and his solo project Silk, which is set for a June 2 release on Death Records.

It’s a bit of a sentimental album for Jeffords, as it was the last self-recorded music he recorded on his laptop before it died last November. Prudhomme also recorded his contributions on his laptop, and the good-time melodies from both Silk and Kid Trails are a perfect fit for Death Records’ wonderfully curated pop catalog. We’ve got a pair of tracks to give you your first taste of the EP: the toe-tapping “My B” from Kid Trails and the 90’s pop-radio-influenced “Ladder (Got my Stuff)” from Silk.

You can pre-order the cassette via Death Records or pick it up tonight at a release show at Honey Hive Gallery.

Kid Trails, Butter Man, Natalio Bloom
Honey Hive Gallery
May 19, 2017
6:30pm, $10