Since 2009, Red Moses and Sami Knowles have paired their talents in Callow, their Oakland-based doom folk project. Callow is set to release a new single on May 26. Entitled “Go Down,” it’s a slow-burning track that doesn’t stray from the band’s signature plaintive lyrics and foreboding atmosphere. Channeling the dark energies of the deep forest, their gorgeous harmonies intertwine with raw guitar and psychedelic keys. Moses has the practiced nasal drawl of a country singer, which beautifully complements Knowles’s plaintive and ethereal voice.

Callow’s dirge-like stylings are on full display on “Go Down.” Moses’ guitar is as gritty and gloom-drenched as ever, and Knowles’s drumming, which ditches the snare in favor of stark, primal toms and bass, gives the track a loping, full-bodied gait. Callow isn’t afraid of slow tempos, or of letting a song steep in cymbal wash and droning guitar before bursting into an assault of harmonies and murky, haunting chords. At times reminiscent of Timber Timbre, their music is the sound of nightfall, of pitch-black, impenetrable woods, of mournful cries from distant mountaintops.

Previous albums Blue Spells and Orb Weaver are both a rewarding listen if you’d like to get into an apocalyptic mood while awaiting the new single. Callow will be playing a show at Oakland.Secret on the 24th to debut the track. Catch the duo at the show, and keep an eye out for their future releases. They’re sure to be more of the funereal folk that Callow does so well.