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Oakland electro-funk trio Planet Booty and R&B internet phenom Flynt Flossy and Turquoise Jeep are playing San Francisco May 24 in a show that is sure to light up the dance floor.

This lineup at the Great American Music Hall is the perfect pairing of two feel-good bands whose music spreads funk-soul joy and whose contagious butt shakes make everyone dance.

“They are high-energy, interactive with the crowd, and make people feel positive,” Planet Booty frontman Dylan Germick said of Flynt Flossy and Turquoise Jeep. “Those three things right there, that’s a match made in heaven for us.”

“It is going to be a really fun show, full of dancing and laughing and grinding.”

Flynt Flossy Turquoise Jeep

Planet Booty has been going nonstop, like the Energizer booty, since debuting its Kickstarter-funded video for the single “Naked” in January.

The band is Germick (vocals, trumpet and beats), Josh Cantero (vocals, keys and trombone), and Rob Gwin (percussion and bass).

The group recently finished recording and plan to release one digital single per month beginning May 23 until the full Naked album is digitally released August 29. While the “Naked” video has been out for some time, the “Naked” single has not been available so it will be first in the series of singles to come out. The album will also be out on vinyl in the fall.

“We made it a big opus of booty music,” Germick said, of the project that started as an EP but grew to an LP. “There was some material we wanted to finish and the creativity process was moving well so we decided to give as much to our fans and backers as we could.”

The music on this album reflects band members’ life experiences with each track bringing a distinct flavor and showing an evolution in the band’s depth and range.

“We are definitely still upbeat and jamming and popping. Those characteristics are there but we have also slowed it down on some tracks that deal with more serious things, personal stuff we have gone through, and overcoming adversity,” Germick said. “We wanted to show that there’s more to us than just the tongue-in-cheek style. We have got something to say and it is important to us to connect with people.”

“It is still energetic and will make you move but it will also make you think and feel, not just smile, laugh, and then shake your booty.”

The album includes two tracks, “Stumble” and “Confliction,” written and sung by Cantero.

“Josh is a super talent, an accomplished singer, and he can play pretty much any instrument,” Germick said of Cantero. “We wanted to feature his vocal prowess and his ability to write music. He has a dimension that is invaluable to who we are as a band.”

The San Francisco performance marks the start of Planet Booty’s tour across the southwest in June with shows in Las Vegas, Santa Fe, Denver, and Phoenix, among others. The band will resume with the Northwest leg of the tour in August, including playing at the Oregon Eclipse Festival.

Planet Booty had a fruitful visit to South By Southwest in March. The trio caught the attention of industry folks who were drawn by the band’s positive message promoting self-confidence.

“Our trip out to South By Southwest was a great success, a motivational force, and the catalyst of establishing relationships,” Germick said. “We gained support from people who are now on our side and just trying to fight the good fight of Planet Booty. They are helping us out because they believe in us.”

Planet Booty - SXSW

Barbara Wahli, band manager and owner of Barb Rocks, was struck by the group’s powerful stage presence and ability to inspire entire audiences to dance. Wahli said she feels honored to be part of the team, helping with tour booking and media outreach.

“I wanted to work with Planet Booty because I am blown away by their unforgettable performances every time I see them,” Wahli said. “Not only are they the hardest working band in the Bay Area, but they are also genuine, polite, and talented people with big hearts who just want to spread love and positivity.”

Krista Lettko, creative director at Authentic Audience, instantly wanted to work with the band when she saw them at SXSW. She is currently helping with their social media presence and promotion for the tour and for the album andsingles releases.

“No one is doing what they are doing right now. They combine ’80s funk with house beats, catchy lyrics, and killer dance moves. These guys are true artists,” Lettko said. “It is only a matter of time until they are selling out show after show and I am so excited to be a part of it. Now is their time. The authenticity, talent, and energy they bring to every show will inspire anyone.”

Planet Booty was recognized as having one of the best band names of SXSW 2017, out of the hundreds of bands that stormed Austin this year. The flattering accolade was accompanied by the facetious plea, “Can we please collectively agree to rename Earth Planet Booty?”

There was one final highlight of the SXSW trip. Planet Booty and Flynt Flossy and Turquoise Jeep were brought together as part of the same showcase by Bay Area label Aerobic International. The two bands got to hang out and began talks of doing a show together.

Turquoise Jeep Records is an independent record label founded by hip hop and R&B artists Flynt Flossy and Whatchamacallit out of Atlanta in 2009. They are best known for their YouTube videos including “Lemme Smang It.”  The label has two albums, Keep the Jeep Riding and Existing Musical Beings.

“When Planet Booty was first starting out years ago, that is when their viral videos really started hitting. I remember seeing them and I was blown away by the humor of it,” Germick said. “They really commit to the characters they assume. They dance and have great choreography. It was inspirational. I thought, ‘Wow, they have millions of YouTube views. We don’t need to be afraid of what we are doing; people appreciate it.’”

“They are successful in what they do,” he said. “It gives me hope that we will be successful in what we do.”

The two groups are of similar style, giving a high-energy performance, creating a party atmosphere, and wanting everyone to dance. And so the kindred bands will come together in San Francisco next week.

“There are not a lot of bands like us that have the aesthetic that we do, but they are in the same vein. Fireworks happen when that kind of energy meets,” Germick said. “I know it is going to be a great night together. From the beginning to the end it is going to be fun, energetic, lots of dancing and moving, a lot of crowd participation.”

Flynt Flossy and Turquoise Jeep, Planet Booty
Great American Music Hall
May 24, 2017
8pm, $16