Frank Iero and The Pattience at The Chapel, by Estefany Gonzalez
Frank Iero and The Patience (photo: Estefany Gonzalez)

You might remember Frank Iero from his My Chemical Romance days. Though the band broke up ages ago, most fans still spend hours on web forums begging for a reunion but trust me, Iero’s new band Frank Iero And the Patience is not just OK, I promise.

Well, now that I got all of the My Chem puns out of the way, let me tell you why this project had hundreds of people lined up outside of the Chapel and down Valencia Street before the show started. This energetic New Jersey bunch sound like a perfect mix between Misfits, The Bouncing Souls, and a little touch of Thursday. With raspy vocals, gritty notes, and a high-tempo and wild rhythm section, this band gives a new spin to old school punk tunes and redefines modern noise music. Despite the hints of noted musical influences in the band’s sound, it’s uncut and unhinged in a way that’s truly unique.

Frank Iero and The Pattience at The Chapel, by Estefany Gonzalez

The most interesting part about the concert was crowd it drew in. The last time I caught Frank Iero And the Patience was at Riot Fest Chicago. Of course, like with most festivals, the crowd had a large range in age groups. What was surprising, however, was that this also translated to the to the band’s headline show at the Chapel, a venue which usually brings in a 21-and-over crowd despite being an all-ages venue.

While there were fans in their mid-20s like myself, there were also fans in their early teens. I have to admit, I was thrown off by just how many youngsters surrounded me on a school night. A girl next to me mentioned she had to be up early for class the next day, but seemed to forget as soon as the concert started. I watched her, along with hundreds of other teens sing the words to “Weighted,” off the band’s 2014 album Stomachaches, without missing a beat. It was refreshing to see young faces against the stage and crowdsurfing. By the end of the night, as the band played the last song and I watched the audience and band members drip with sweat, I had no doubt there would be web forums begging this band to return to the Bay.