The Yellow Dress at the Brick & Mortar Music Hall, by Kaiya Gordon
The Yellow Dress (photo: Kaiya Gordon)

I had just got back from visiting family in Mexico the night before. Suffering from food poisoning and extreme mental constipation from not having the support system the Bay Area DIY scene has gifted me, I had to go to this show. Every musician who performed was incredibly different, but all amazing in their own musical identity.

Rose Droll brought Taylor Vick of Boy Scouts on stage with her, to join in a chillingly beautiful acoustic set. Shoeless and with so much meaning, Droll left the crowd wanting to know more.

Fatty Cakes and the Puff Pastries from Fresno are the loud, proud, and hungry girl gang you want to order pizza, indulge in carbs, and rant about how society has failed you with. Creating a shrine to self care and carbs, Fatty Cakes doesn’t leave you bored and doesn’t leave you wanting to sit still and passive.

Real Life Buildings, from from New York City, who recently released the new album
Significant Weather on Lauren Records were third band up and they didn’t disappoint. The wonderful part about this lineup is that it featured three bands that I’ve been wanting too see but continued to miss, and one that I’ve seen so many times but am still not sick of. The band I had seen so many times before was The Yellow Dress, and no matter how many times I see them they still make me feel better. It’s like all the freaks and weirdos from high school get together to just stop caring about their problems, dance, and scream that “IT’S GOING TO BE OKAY.” Dan Weiss, the lead singer, never sings on stage. He stays in the crowd, singing with us, making us join in, and making us feel at home in our strangeness.