On Saturday April 29, San Francisco’s the Bayview district will host the 2017 Southside Festival, a collaboration with Imprint.City to bring music and arts to the city’s outer neighborhoods. Located at 1439 Egbert, the festival takes place entirely indoors, with acts from local artists like Jay Stone, Sol Development, Xiomara and lots more.

A partner of ours, Imprint.City is a local nonprofit dedicated to building up arts and culture in the Bayview and other industrial or underserved neighborhoods in San Francisco. Southside presents an opportunity to bring Bay Area residents to an area that typically doesn’t see a lot of nightlife or even foot traffic, in an effort to promote its place as an arts destination accessible to all.

Not just about music, Southside Festival will showcase a mural-in-the-making from Imprint.City artist Cameron Moberg, in an effort to turn the area into an outdoor art museum called SPRAYVIEW. No need to snag tickets — this is a free, all-ages event.

2017 Southside Festival: Sol Development, Le Vice, Crashing Hotels, Xiomara, Jay Stone, Siri & more
1439a Egbert St. San Francisco
April 29, 2017
12pm, FREE (all ages)