College Rock veterans Miracle Legion are coming to San Francisco for their first Bay Area concert in 20 years and is being hailed as their last ever, the final stop in a swansong tour. The band, though not a wild commercial success, has been noted by various critics as a highly influential group. Often compared to R.E.M.’s earlier and meatier work.

The New England group will bring their jangly guitar sound and think-about-it lyrics to The Chapel in San Francisco April 29. I had a chance to ask Mr. Ray Neal, guitarist for Miracle Legion, some questions to get the details.

The Bay Bridged: Can you tell me a little about your history in the band?

Ray Neal: Mark and I came out of the New Haven punk rock scene. Putting on shows, playing in bands, hanging out. After being in other people’s bands, we decided to start our own.

TBB: Miracle Legion’s albums seem like complete sets – they have a real arch. What do you attribute that to?

RN: I think we always looked at albums as complete works. All the albums I grew up with felt like that.

TBB: You all have had about half a dozen “last” concerts – is this really the last show?

RN: Well the Beatles, The Sex Pistols? There is precedent.

TBB: Anything else you want our readers to know?

RN: Everything they need to know will be revealed at the show.


Miracle Legion, The Bye Bye Blackbirds
The Chapel
April 29, 2017
8pm, $25