Emily King
On soul singer Emily King’s 2016 Bay Area tour stop, she brought along her superb five-piece band in tow; For her next visit, that number is stripped-down to one as King performs an acoustic set with her production partner, Jeremy Most, on April 21 at the Chapel in the Mission.

Known for her jazz-tinged, sultry R&B, King’s 2007 project, East Side Story, earned her a Grammy nomination and wide recognition within the world of soul music. Her 2015 follow-up, The Switch, was filled to the brim with King’s poignant songwriting, laid-back melodies, and rich arrangements, further solidifying her artistry in an ever-evolving R&B climate. Expect to hear new material from the New Yorker, and revisit The Switch here.

Emily King
The Chapel
April 21, 2017