Rexx Life Raj
Words by Nina Tabios

In the digital age, you need to disconnect sometimes. In his new video “Handheld GPS,” Berkeley artist Rexx Life Raj bolts east to Yosemite National Park to disassociate — even for a second — from the real world and contemplate within the shadows of more natural wonders.

As his phone signal drops in and out through the forest, he acknowledges how jaded modern society can be: “Two cell phones / still so disconnected / Social media disingenuous / It’s that shit that needs disinfecting.” Yet against a backdrop of soothing guitar riffs and synths, he reflects on his and his friends’ triumphs (“Shout out G, that’s 30 Ms”) and offers words for anyone listening who’s still figuring it out: “I don’t even know when I’m shooting for, but I’m shooting anyway.”

“Handheld GPS” comes off of Rexx Life Raj’s 2016 album Father Figure. and listen to his latest track, “Waiting for You,” below.