of Montreal by Chad Kamenshine 2931

The hyper-sexual psychedelia that is Kevin Barnes’ project of Montreal returns to the Bay Area for two shows, tonight in Santa Cruz and Thursday in San Francisco.

The experimental group was born in Athens, Georgia and has successfully been unable to pin down under one, two, or even three definite musical styles. Every album release has been a substantially different record from the previous and the next.

Earlier in January 2017, the band surprised fans and dropped a new EP by surprise, calling it Rune Husk, a follow up to 2016’s Innocence Reaches, incorporating new, EDM-inspired sounds, as well as the progressive rock sounds off their previous two records. For the tour following the album’s release, bassist Davey Pierce returned to the band, replacing Bob Parins.

Check out this stripped-down, in-studio version of their track “Let’s Relate” below:

of Montreal, Christina Schneider’s Jepeto Solutions
The Catalyst
April 12, 2017
8pm, $18 (16+)

of Montreal, Christina Schneider’s Jepeto Solutions
The Independent
April 13, 2017
8pm, SOLD OUT, 21+