Down 2 Earth
Words by Nina Tabios

For a long time, hip-hop has largely been defined by geography and sound. During the ’90s, Bay Area hip-hop was marked by the laid-back, conscious sound of Hieroglyphics and Souls of Mischief; In today’s modern times, Atlanta-inspired hazy, trap beats are the go-to sound for many up-and-coming artists. With their latest release Fair Share, Oakland trio Down 2 Earth occupies a space somewhere in the middle that they claim is all their own.

Rappers Dayvid Michael, Azure, and Clyde Shankle channel a similar Bay Area chill, taking turns reeling rhymes into a 13-track project that is goofy and playful, yet simultaneously thoughtful and lofty in words. The production is much more polished than their 2015 release “Wildfire” with arrangements much tighter this time around: The marriage of a familiar Northern California bass undercurrent with a playful bounce makes this record livelier and — more importantly — summertime ready.

Check out Fair Share below and catch Down 2 Earth on April 27 at the New Parish.

Locksmith, Down 2 Earth, J.Lately, Just Rese
The New Parish
April 27, 2017
9pm, $10 (18+)