Tonight, March 31, marks the first time The Brothers Comatose headline The UC Theatre in Berkeley. Though the East Bay venue is fairly new, the 1,400 capacity venue will be the band’s biggest Bay Area show to date.

Over the course of the past month, the group’s played more than 20 shows all over the US and shows no signs of slowing down. The San Francisco-formed five-piece won’t be home for long. The band’s touring schedule includes various other dates in different states in the next couple of months, but this show will be the last hometown performance scheduled as of now.

When we caught up with Singer Ben Morrison over the phone, he shared that he who enjoys the band’s busy schedule and has been been happily surprised by the number of sold-out shows and crowd participation on the tour thus far. “There’s been a lot of people singing along to song’s and that’s been really exciting,” he says.

The Frostbite tour, which began in Salt Lake City back in February, saw The Brothers Comatose out in support of the band’s latest release The Covers EP: Volume 2, which features a number of cover songs from bands like Cake, Ryan Adams and  Huey Lewis and The News. Though the songs may seem eclectic, for Morrison, they felt like a natural assortment. The covers were songs he often found himself playing by a campfire with friends. “We just went with songs that we liked and sang them in that situation,” he says. “These ones were just songs that we played over the years and thought ‘Oh, these songs are great and we really like them.’ We wanted to be able to record them and give them out to people to enjoy not necessarily at a show.”

While Morrison loves these songs, he admits that it’s sometimes a challenge to make cover songs sound good while maintaining the integrity of the song. “You want to change it enough so it sounds like your band and not just an exact replica of the song,” he says. “With these songs, we did a something a little different and made it our own but you can still hear the original idea in there. I think that’s what make these songs special.”

A particular highlight on this EP is “I Want A New Drug” by Huey Lewis and the News, a song that Morrison sent to Huey Lewis, whom he greatly admires. “We emailed him our version of his song and he emailed us back almost immediately,” he says. Morrison was surprised to hear back from Lewis within the hour telling him that Lewis enjoyed the cover and would share it with the rest of the band. He can see the signed photograph of Huey Lewis a family friend gave him at the age of four, on his desk while we speak. “He ended up sharing it on all their social media, like Twitter, Facebook, and all that stuff. We were just like ‘Oh my god, I can’t believe he just did that.’ That wasn’t the intention,” he says. “It was just a nod to Huey because we’re just such big fans.”

Though the singer doesn’t want to give too much away about the show, he’s excited to come home to play a few of these songs for “It’s cool to come back to the Bay. This Friday will be the biggest show we’ve played in the Bay Area,” he says. The band’s been writing a number of new songs, a few of which Morrison said he might just test out on the crowd later tonight. “It’s always exciting to test out new songs, plus we have a couple of new cover songs that we’re unleashing as well.”

Though Morrison has never been to a show at The UC Theatre, he can’t wait to play there. “I went in recently to scope it out and it’s gorgeous,” he says.

The Brothers Comatose, Goodnight, Texas, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, Ghost of Paul Revere
Friday, March 31
The UC Theatre
8pm, $26