Allison Crutchfield at the Rickshaw Stop, by James Chan
Allison Crutchfield (photo: James Chan)

First thing’s first: Never pay to go into a show if all you’re going to is stand by the front and act like it’s OK to play catch-up with your friends. Please do not speak during the band. Please take the conversation outside — don’t just take it to the bar, go outside, and keep going until you no longer can speak. Thank you.

This show was really important to me, because not only had I been waiting for it since it was announced, but I really needed to be there. I needed to hear these bands live, I needed to scream along to lyrics that validate feelings I feel like I have no control over. I needed to be outside of my house. I needed it and I got it.

The lineup was perfect. SF’s own Joyride! gave a performance that left me back in love with everything Jenna Marx touches. For the first time, even though I’ve seen them many times before, I sang along. I sang along under my breath. I sang along for myself.

Rickshaw was packed for Vagabon. I hadn’t been able to catch any Vagabon shows before, but here I was about to see one of my top two favorite bands of 2017. In a packed room with people I knew and didn’t who felt exactly the same way. Vagabon’s set live is something everyone has to see for themselves. The bass is set a little louder, to make our bodies tremble, and if that bass does not make you tremble then Lætitia’s voice will. The live full band gives the music such life, and when they got to their final song “The Embers” I stopped singing under my breath and just screamed it out. I needed this.

Immediately after Vagabon’s set, the crowd all went toward the merch table. Lætitia was signing autographs and all I could think was how happy I was that this band is getting the attention they deserve.

Allison Crutchfield and the Fizz brought me out of any sadness I had left over. Allowing me to dance it off and just be what I needed. Allison Crutchfield will always be one of my favorite musicians and melodists (Also, San Jose’s Bean Tupou (of Try the Pie) is the guitarist of the Fizz, even though this is a Philadelphia-based band). By the end of the show I just felt free, because all these bands mean so much to me. I needed this.