Gentle Spirit

Since it’s first release with Tino Drima last year, Gaylord’s Party Music has built a wonderful roster of Bay Area artists that are always just a little left of center. Their latest signee, San Francisco’s Gentle Spirit, is no exception. Today, we get to share “We Finish Where We Start” off his new Dearest EP, which will be

Gentle Spririt is the project of Marcus Stoesz, who previously fronted Kansas band Paper Airplanes (and currently co-directs Rock Band Land). His voice sounds familiar, yet at the same time feels completely new, while his high notes seem effortless yet still are able to evoke a sense of pain. The vocals are certainly the highlight of “We Finish Where We Start”, although the rhythm is also intriguing. The song begins with choppy starts and stops that transition into a swaying chorus and outro, but repeated listens showed me that the swaying was there the entire time. “We Finish Where We Start” is below – click through to purchase the cassette.

Gentle Spirit will release his Dearest EP on Gaylord’s Party Music March 31 at Amnesia. Killer Whale is also performing and releasing HIS Gaylord’s Party Music cassette the same night. Sounds like a party.

Killer Whale, Gentle Spirit
March 31, 2017
9pm, $10