Ancient Baby

After spending much of 2016 traversing the eastern half of the globe in search of cozy, living-room recording sessions from all types of genres, Loustic Sessions came to the Bay Area.

Loustic Sessions is an international recording project that’s just over a year old. Fahed and Julien, friends and fellow software engineers with mutually beneficial interests in sound, image, and travel, decided to merge their passions in a YouTube project: Loustic Sessions, which records live performances from local musicians all across the globe. Though they’re based in Paris, they’ve recorded shows everywhere from Sweden to Tunisia, and now, California.

A recent trip to the Bay Area garnered some intimate performances from some favorite local artists, and they’ve offered us the opportunity to premiere them over the next few weeks. First up: Ancient Baby, recorded up north in Fairfax. See below for two sweet, hushed in-home performances of “Go Girl” and “Put Two Sticks Together.”