Viceroy pineapple

For Viceroy, aka Austen Afridi, it is summertime all the time. The DJ/producer who calls San Francisco home will rouse local fans and friends out of winter hibernation and lure them to Mezzanine on March 25 with his tropical blend of sun-drenched dance music, beachy beats, and pineapple-drink infused nu-disco tunes.

With his new EP Just Marinate, Viceroy said he wanted to make fun, club-ready jams. “I’ve strayed away from making house music for a while, so “Marinate” is a venture into more of that funky/disco sound that I want to gravitate towards in the future,” Viceroy said. “Most of the music I’m working on now is in that world, along with some R&B elements as well.”

The EP includes the original song “Marinate,” a track of disco heat featuring the lowest of baritone vocals by Wilki, a groovy vibe of seductive bass and just the right amount of cowbell.

“’Marinate’ was a collaboration with a friend of mine, Wilki. We got stuck in beautiful Rhode Island after Labor Day due to a crazy storm,” Viceroy said. “While we were there, I came up with the idea of marinating as a funny verb to describe ‘embracing a vibe.’ I only had my laptop with me, so we recorded his vocals through my laptop and it turned out awesome.”

The EP also includes “Illuminate,” an up-tempo house tune with hard-to-resist hooks and vocals by artist Anjulie.

“’Illuminate’ features an amazing vocalist named Anjulie. She’s a killer writer for pop stars and writes her own music as well, which has had some rad success in Canada,” Viceroy said. “She happened to hit me up and showed me this a cappella she recorded. I loved it and the end product became ‘Illuminate.’”

Viceroy has built an international profile, boasts of notable collaborations, and earned a steady stance at the top of buzz blogs. The impresario is known for his masterful catalog of originals; his exclusive remixes featuring the likes of St. Lucia, Passion Pit and Two Door Cinema Club; and his finesse with hard-to-remix hip-hop classics by artists including Nelly and Notorious B.I.G.

Viceroy is a champion of “jams not bangers,” which he describes as uplifting, feel-good dance music with melody and multi-generational appeal. Though he is inspired by many genres, his affinity for disco and the joys of “summertime all the time” shine through in his singles, remixes, and mixtapes.

“My mantra is more than just a slogan; it reflects upon a lifestyle, a mood, a personality, a vibe and so much more,” Viceroy said. “I came up with it very organically, because it truly reflects who I am as an individual. I’m all about just doing you and having fun.”


For his Live Winter tour, Viceroy has added to his DJ sets by bringing musician friends to perform live. For the San Francisco show, Chris Clouse will play guitar, violin and drum pad and Simon Friedlander, aka Saxy Simon, will play the saxophone.

“I always love playing in my hometown,” Viceroy said. “Not only are the fans awesome, but my friends and family come out too. We always have something special in store for S.F.”

The Mezzanine show marks the last show of Viceroy’s 13-date tour that began in Florida in February. He will then hit the festival scene — Phoenix Lights in April and Electric Forest in June.

To enter for a chance to win tickets to see Viceroy at Mezzanine on March 25, email with “Viceroy” in the subject line and your full name in the body of the email.  A winner will be selected at random and notified via email.

Viceroy, Rainer + Grimm, Traviswild
March 25, 2017
8:30pm, $22