The Descendents, one of the greatest on-again off-again bedrock bands of modern (re: post-1990) punk rock has decided to kick off their 2017 North American tour with two consecutive nights in Santa Cruz.

Originally slated for only a single show on Thursday, April 6, the band quickly added a second show on Friday, April 7 at The Catalyst, the same infamous venue where another larger-than-life rock band that shaped the 90’s and beyond (The Pixies) kicked off their latest world tour.

Another parallel shared with The Pixies is the fact that this tour is coming after an absurdly long break. Given the mangled timeline of the band, a break in and of itself should not be surprising. The Descendents are notorious for taking years off at a time since their 1977 inception, once even going as far to title their debut album after their reasoning for their first hiatus: 1982’s Milo Goes To College.

Most recently, the band released their seventh full length studio album, Hypercaffium Spazzinate, with twelve years and the death of founding member and guitarist Frank Navetta separating it from their previous record.

The sixteen tracks on Hypercaffium Spazzinate clock in at just over 30 minutes – a testament to the short, fast, and hardcore style that has earmarked their career while continuing to tackle the most every day of topics with a closer look or a second thought.

Check out the official video for their latest single off the new album, “Full Circle” below:

The Descendents
Thursday, April 6 and Friday, April 7
The Catalyst (SCZ)
8PM, $35/$38, 16+