Spooky Sex
Photo: Kristin Cofer

On Spooky Mansion‘s latest, they’ve taken a step away from the sunny surf rock sounds for their latest EP, I’m the Moon, You’re the Wave (so plz change w/ me). You’ll still get plenty of lead singer Grayson Converse’s impassioned wails, but they added elements such as heavy bass and drum samples that give them a completely new feel.

The unique vibe for I’m the Moon, You’re the Wave, began with “Night Owl”, a song that Converse says was just an instrumental with a chorus. He explains, “…when my friend Rose Droll laid down rap verses on it I was like, ‘oh yah, thats a thing you can do’.” “You’re the Wave” was Converse trying to create an “atmospheric pop song”, while “I’m the Moon” was a specific attempt at writing a jazz-influenced hip-hop song. “There is something to be said for intentionally trying to write in a different genre,” says Converse. “it makes you think differently and can result in some exciting new ideas and sounds.” I like the different thinking (and results), and I think you will too. You can purchase a cassette version of I’m the Moon, You’re the Wave (so plz change w/ me) via Gaylord’s Party Music, or pick it up at their release show Saturday night at Amnesia.

Joining Spooky Mansion at their release show will be Portland’s Roselit Bone and Oakland’s The Saxophones . Gaylord’s Party Music is also collaborating with Friendship Fever to release Party and Friendship – a zine and limited-edition cassette, both of which feature the bands on the bill. Go with full pockets and come home with ears full of music and arms full of goodies.

Spooky Mansion, Roselit Bone, The Saxophones
March 11, 2017
9pm, $5