Last year we introduced you to Tommy Alexander, the Santa Barbara baseball standout turned Portland singer-songwriter. Now he has another project that is taking off at full speed: Ty Alex.

Ty Alex will be circling the Bay Area on a constantly-moving 2017 tour that will eventually take Alexander as far east as Vermont. Before the group works its way down the coast, you can catch them this Thursday, March 2, at Amnesia.

Alexander has put together a strong four-piece band of brothers to realize a shift in musical direction. No longer satisfied as an acoustic guitar-wielding loner a la John Prine, he has enlisted bassist Ian Wade, guitarist Adam Witkowski, and time keeper Django Koenig for some raw rock and roll.

Supporting Ty Alex at the show on Thursday will be the Bay Area’s own Evan Lanam and The Live Oaks and Django Soulo from Portland.

Ty Alex, Evan Lanam and The Live Oaks, Django Soulo
Thursday, March 2, 2017
9pm, $5(21+)