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Catch Tacocat in Oakland Saturday night at Starline Social Club.

Friday, February 24

Garrett Pierce @ The Lost Church
Burbank, CA singer-songwriter with a penchant for covering the British R&B singer known as Seal.

ALO, Moon Hooch @ The Fillmore
Moon Hooch is a Brooklyn-based jazz fusion trio currently touring in support of their third LP, Red Sky.

Phosphene, O.C.D., Trash Vampire @ Bender’s Bar & Grill
Noise Pop’s happy hours at Bender’s are always chaotically loud, disastrously fun, and soundtracked by emerging local bands. Headliner for tonight’s is Phosphene, who describe themselves as the “under-underground” of the Bay Area music scene.

Los Campesinos!, Crying, No Vacation @ Great American Music Hall
Los Campesinos! is “tweecore to the bone” according to TBB resident twee expert, Erika Delgado.

Saturday, February 25

Owl Paws @ Great American Music Hall
Have you listened to Owl Paws’ cover of Mazzy Star’s “Fade Into You”? No? Smash that link above for requisite melancholia tinged with hope.

Tacocat @ Starline Social Club
“It’s that time, that time of the month
Well I woke up early and I got a hunch
Gonna head on down to the beach today, surf all my girl probs away
‘Cause all I wanna do is cry, ask monther nature why, why, why
Listen to the Cramps on my stereo….
Surfin’ the crimson wave today.”
“Crimson Wave” by Tacocat

Vince Staples @ The Fillmore
“Staples is heralded as presenting with piercing honesty the elements of his Long Beach upbringing, zeroing in on racial tensions and fragmented communities,” explained TBB writer Pranav Trewn in a past feature.

The Radio Dept. @ The Independent
A ’90s Swedish dream-pop band beloved by the local likes of The Bilinda Butchers and Craft Spells.

Sunday, February 26

Grandaddy @ Bimbo’s 365 Club
Modesto, CA indie-rock giants with a new album underwing, Last Place.

Radical Face, Jenny O @ The Fillmore
Electronic inspired indie-folk set to soothe, no matter your age.