DH1(photo provided by The Down House)

Over the last few years, Santa Rosa has become a regular addition to tour routes and been the subject of numerous features covering its rising status as a hub for underground music, thanks in no small part to the efforts of the tightly-knit community of bands, artists, and booking outfits who have helped build the now nationally recognized scene. One of these groups are The Down House, a garage-rock outfit founded on the songwriting aspirations of Casey Colby and Sarah Davis, notably joined by Connor Alfaro (OVVN, Acrylics) on drums.

Our Mess, the quartet’s debut LP, is an incredible development of the sound they’ve been honing over their catalog of EPs. Drawing on ’60s rock and roll and a healthy dose of punk and early shoegaze, the band craft anthemic songs with a penchant for snotty hooks. Instrumental opener “Let Me See Your Light” immediately announces the band’s ambitions — driving rhythms underscore a big band feel that introduces layers of texture, including a brass section. Across highlights like “Green” and “Love” the group employ heavy use of layered percussion and group vocals that give the songs a wide, big-screen feel. Vocals that on past releases were buried to the point of obscurity are now legible, and studio trickery is employed to great effect, decorating songs with flickering delays and warbled chorus.

The album is due out later this month on longtime friends and hometown label, Broke Hater, and The Down House will be celebrating its release at The Last Record Store on February 25th. Our Mess, engineered by Emmet Kai and mixed by Jack Shirley, is available to stream below.


The Down House, Streatbreaker, Katey
The Last Record Store
February 25, 2017
3pm, FREE